#A Must Read! Political Divide? We are in Familiar Territory. #45!



The MSM would have you believe that everything pertaining to and around 45 is uncharted earth shattering territory. Meanwhile in the real world of facts this of course is the absolute farthest from the truth we can be.  The real problem is the herd led millenials that know not a shred of our history nore what we have actually sacrificed and gained.  Moreover these herd’s of easily duped 18-30 year olds don’t care a bit about learning or knowing the actual timeline of our history, and why you ask? Well because (My Truth) ( My Facts)…  They are being steered into a ne0-liberal , neo progressive train of thought, with emphasis on train!  They believe that ignoring or destroying of the past is much warranted given this extreme environment that the MSM and their ultra progressive leaders are pushing.  An extreme environment that only exists because of their extreme overt actions and reactions.

Not too long ago in a not too distant NON United States of America, the far left pulled the exact same agenda. They completely destroyed the morale of our soldiers in Vietnam, and then showed an extreme shunning of these Heroic Veterans when they came home, even being violently attacked by crazy leftists that hide under the guise of our Bill of Rights.  Many of these very same leftists are the Bill Ayers of today. is it not to far of a stretch to make an educated guess as to why these millennials today are ever so steered in the same narrative of the past? This is a perfect example of history repeating itself only not in the way the Masters of the far left would have you believe.  They want to paint 45 with a broad brush of inhumanity hitleresque ideals.  The buck stops here! #Rise , #45..   Logic and common sense will prevail.  Until next time Godspeed

BG…  #StarforceHH……