Carpe Diem Talks Mentor Ship And He Want To Use His Music Platform



Carpe Diem is an artist and producer from Los Angeles California. He recently released  ‘Retro’ under the label ‘FOREiN RECORDS.’ He has also been working with West Coast Legendary artist Kokane.

Staforcenetwork Correspondent Landon Buford recently sat down with Carpe Diem to discuss his music background. Carpe talks about some of his favorite singles from his project ‘Retro’ and what is next for him. The full interview can be seen below you can all find Retro here.

Carpe Diem, how do you want to use your music platform touch others?

I make mood music that usually paints a picture or tells a story, so I want my fans to use my platform by sending my music to people it reminds them of or people that they are trying to connect with. I have music for partying and real day to day life, but whatever my fans are feeling, share it so that someone else feels what you felt at that exact moment. One day you can go back and relive that feeling.

Did you have any music background before the beginning of your rap career?

I come from a very musical background from a family standpoint, but I do not want to name drop because I want to pave my own way without their influence in my career. I was always influenced on the music side of things from them.

What was your inspiration behind your new single “Drinks & Doja”?

The motivation behind the track is in the title ‘Drinks & Doja.’ The song is about the high-class drinks and the top of the top shelf smoke… otherwise having a good time even if you don’t drink or smoke it’s a good vibe.

Can you tell us which is two of your favorite singles off your latest project “Retro”?

Drinks & Doja and I Like.

Can we expect any new music heading into the third and fourth quarter?

In the process of release, a couple of projects one being back to the future mixtape hosted by Fleet DJ’s “Klassic” that will bring that New Los Angeles sound in. We’re gonna create a new wave incorporating some of the sounds from Retro into Back to the Future as we continue to create New Good sounding music.

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Are there any other artists that you would like to work with at this time?

I am willing to work with any artist that is serious about their craft and following up with the people they work with on a project. Not just dropping something and then just moves on after it is released.

Each musician has something that they are passionate about outside of music whether it is fashion, cars, community activism. What are some other things that you are passionate about besides music?

Music is my only Passion. Everything else is secondary if that. My music is my a, b, and C plan. I’m already making money so as long as I save and invest, I’ll be good.

Where do you want your career to be in 2 years?

The sky is the limit. If I put a boundary on where I’ll be in 2 years, then I’ll be comfortable with that accomplishment. So let’s see how far I can Go Up!

What are some other things that we look forward to coming out of your camp?

FOREiN as a team we have a lot of things in the works such as production, film, etc. We’re just getting started.

Who are some of the mentors you looked up to as artists?

Kenny McCloud who is a legendary producer and engineer out here in Los Angeles and he was the one that introduced me to Kokane. He made sure that my sound was where it should be. Other than that, the only other person with influence in the game who has looked out for me is Kokane. Kokane helped me to the next level as far as, pushing me and literally showing me exactly what needs to be done to make it.

What is the next single that you are releasing?

The song is called ‘Never Switchin it Up’ off the Retro project, and we will be releasing the Never Switching it up remix featuring Kokane and me soon.

Finally, what is advice would like to give to up and coming artists?

You must take your craft seriously, and your fans will gravitate towards you. Stay true to who you are, never give up, and take care of your family 1st because in the end (besides money) that’s all you’ll have left 100.